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Life is hectic and unexpected, and our well laid plans don't always go quite to plan. We may never write that book we wanted to write, we might never meet the girl of our dreams at a bus stop, and due to unforeseen circumstances we might not even make it to college. Whilst it's perfectly acceptable to not attend college, there is no denying that attending classes and attaining a qualification opens up so many doors to you that would otherwise be unreachable. In certain circles, not having a college degree can even be looked down upon, with labels such as 'uneducated' being cast upon you just because of events out of your control preventing you from furthering your education.

Online colleges present a unique opportunity for people to complete a 'do-over', offering the chance to complete the college classes that you always planned on doing but for whatever reason were never able to.

Maybe your best laid plans were to attend college and get a communications degree, but unfortunately you fell pregnant and instead became a stay at home mother - you feel stuck, unable to educate yourself because you can't leave your baby alone. Online colleges will allow you to attend classes, educate yourself, and reach your goals, all from the comfort of your own home.

Perhaps, after high school, you had always wanted to start your higher education and become a teacher, enriching the minds of future adults and making your mark on society. Unfortunately, fiscal reasons prevented you from taking out massive student loans, and your only option was to work minimum wage jobs just to make do. Online colleges open a window to higher education at a lower margin of cost, allowing not just the fiscally enriched to gain further qualifications.

Isolated in a small farm belt town, maybe you were never close enough to attend a school with a student populace of more than ten people - maybe the closest college is hundreds of miles away and you are literally unable to attend. Perhaps you are just not able to easily travel around to attend college due to disability or mobility issues.

Whatever reasons stopping you from achieving your college goals or dreams of higher education, online colleges provide a clear and easy pathway to qualifications. All that's required to succeed is:

• A stable internet connection that will allow you to study without trouble

• Some education or bridging course to college entry level

• The time and organisation to study and complete tasks on your own

• The drive and will to succeed and finish what you begin

Online colleges are a gateway to the world of higher qualification, allowing almost anyone to study what they have always wanted to. No matter what excuses you might have, online colleges has an answer for all of them. Whether you're a mother of five, wheelchair bound and unable to get around, or a lonely hermit in the Alaskan wilderness, online colleges are accessible to you. Stop procrastinating and start achieving your goals!

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